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Antique Car Show Always Drives Activity

This April the Rio Verde Events Committee presented their annual car show.  Over 70 vehicles were on display and the event was attended by over 500 car enthusiasts and interested residents (like me).  Food tents, music and a DJ added to the feel of the event.  The cars were set up in the community center parking lot adjacent to the par three 16th hole on Quail Run.  To avoid any stray tee shots striking the cars, the tee for the men was moved up to the ladies tee.  Wouldn’t you know, someone had a hole-in-one from the moved up tee, and had to endure the ribbing from “the guys” about the questionable hole-in-one.  I am sure the poor fellow had to provide lots of complimentary beverages to quiet the criticism.

To top off the day, a community open house was hosted by the local Realtors, and I hosted that afternoon.  To everyone who dropped in, thanks!

Big Blue looking hot!

Big Blue looking hot!

But not as hot as a car with flames on the side.

But not as hot as a car with flames on the sides.


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