July Market Report

NAR is reporting that dollar volume of homes purchased by foreign buyers has fallen 36% in the last year.  Tight inventory and Chinese currency government controls and to blame.Realtor.com has…

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When the Veteran buys your home

The VA appraiser is looking not only for the home to appraise for value, but also that the property meets the safety standards required by the VA. The veteran deserves a clean and safe home. The VA appraisal can be a concern to a seller. This extra level of scrutiny added to the myth that VA appraisals are tougher to appraise for value makes a seller nervous and concerned about their extra costs to sell.

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Wire Fraud and Cyber-hackers

Wire Fraud and someone hacking into email to take advantage of the public is nothing new. Now business email compromise or wire fraud has targeted real estate transactions and buyers…

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