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Rio Verde Hiking group hits the trail
Kentuck Mountain view

Rio Verde Hiking group hits the trail

“No sign-up, just show up.”  This is the directive of the Rio Verde Hiking Club leader, Jim Urban.  Jim has been the leader of the Rio Verde Hiking Club, and in Jim we trust!  His knowledge of the area trails and history make him a interesting guide and fountain of knowledge.  Our first hike of the season was November 14, and about 27 Rio Verde hikers showed up in the parking lot to set out to Kentuck Mountain in the Tonto National Forest(more…)

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Be wise, be FIREWISE!

Desert wildfire fighting truck
Rio Verde Fire District desert wildfire truck

Wildfire.  Like the word Hurricane in the Southeast, or Tornado warning in the Midwest, this is a word that puts fear, or at the very least concern in the hearts of us who live in the west.  Our low humidity and extremely hot climate creates fuel for wildfires, and a wet spring only encourages growth of shrubs and native grasses.  Once this fuel drys in the summer, a cigarette or a spark from a vehicle, gunfire or campfire can cause the desert to easily burst into flames. (more…)

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Mountain Biking a new trail in McDowell Mt. park

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Sunday afternoon best mountain biking buddy Jody and I hit the trail. Leaving Rio Verde, we entered the McDowell Mountain park through the Verde gate, and took the Verde trail up to the dirt road and cut over to the Lousley Hill camping area. There we could pick up the new Escondito trail about a mile east of the Pemberton Trail. (more…)

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