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The HOA-Tough love

Beverly HillbilliesIt’s about time someone stood up for the issuer of tough love: the HOA.  Lovers of the right to own property in a free society will screw up their faces at the mention of a Home Owner’s Association. Who needs someone telling you what 12 colors of dirt you can use to paint your house, and then charging you for the privilege?  Maybe I want to paint my house purple, or never weed the yard, or leave my car in the driveway since I have exercised my right to exercise and my garage is a gym.

One of Home Owner’s Associations greatest values is they help the homeowner maintain the value of their property.  A healthy HOA, with reasonable by-laws and competent leadership can add great value to your investment.  Those home buyers who don’t want to be told what to do have the option to live in another area, and those who want a consistent experience should not fear the HOA.

Here in Rio Verde, our HOA fee for the year is $3502.  Wow!  Right away your mind thinks of many ways you would love to spend that money.  Such frivolous things like food and gas for your car.  I know as a Real Estate Agent, I see the client’s eyes glaze over and their smile fade when the subject comes up.  But what does that pay for?  When you start to break down the services provided, and realize that if the HOA doesn’t pay for something then I will have to pay out of my pocket, it starts to look less like a burden and more like a smokin’ deal.

Let’s break it down.  $3606 a year is $300.50 a month, lots of groceries and gas!  But look what you get:

A Social membership to Rio Verde Country club, and use of the fitness facilities, pool, tennis and pickleball.   Rio Verde is a private club, and when comparing to two other private clubs nearby in Scottsdale with their social membership plans, not only did they provide the same amenities, but there was a $1000 initiation fee for one club and $5000 for the other.  In addition, there are food and beverage minimums.  Both of these clubs charge $375 a month.  We are almost $84 ahead of the game here in Rio Verde and no initiation or food and beverage minimums.

Maintenance of the roads and common areas.  Hard to put a value on this, but I am sure the city has some allowance for it in your city taxes.  Our HOA picks it up for us.

Trash pick-up:  The city of Scottsdale charges $16 a month.  Our HOA pays for it.  We are up to $391 in value so far.

Basic COX Cable feed:  99 channels available and all you need to do is hook up to any cable outlet in your house with one of the three free (thanks to the HOA) Cox cable mini-boxes and you are good to go.   Most of the channels are in HD.  I have a $60 credit on my monthly Cox bill because my HOA provides this basic service.  Now our value is $451 a month plus the street maintenance.  This is the smokin’ deal.

So don’t pass out when you hear about the fees paid to your homeowners association.  They can provide services to you that you would never afford on your own, and keep your home value steady.  And Rio Verde is one of the best.



Robin Walton

Verdes Lifestyle Team HomeSmart Lifestyles 12625 N Saguaro Blvd. #116 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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  1. Allen Collins

    I am in the process of building a short wall between my property and the golf course and need a copy of the committees guidelines.

    1. RobinW

      Allen, I will send you a copy of the architectural guidelines for Rio Verde. If you are in Tonto, they would be similar, but I can send you those if you need them. Any changes like what you are considering will need the approval of the architectural committee. The HOA office has the request form for you to fill out, and the committee meets every other Thursday.

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