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Renovation rate of return: Bang for your buck

Cost vs. Return on investment:
What updates and renovations on your home will bring the best return when you sell?  Which will not? Choose wisely when making renovation decisions that will add value to your home when you sell.
In the Phoenix area in 2019 the best return of value when you go to sell is a new garage door (102.8%), followed by stacked stone veneer (84%).  New windows and entry doors also brought back a nice return (around 72-74%).  The other end of the cost to value spectrum was an upscale master suite addition (54%).  It added value, but oh my, the cost!  More modest bath and kitchen remodels brought a higher rate of return than an upscale remodel!
Generally speaking, you can expect to get around 70% return on investment when you go to sell on a recent renovation project.

Robin Walton

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