Rio Verde Country Club new home owner incentive revealed

Rio Verde Country Club to launch Certificate Home Program.

Starting November 1, 2019 Rio Verde Country Club will make available to new home buyers who purchase a home of a current or former member the opportunity to receive a certificate that can be used toward initiation fees to join Rio Verde Country Club. The home does not need to be in Rio Verde, it just needs to belong to a member of the club.

Any current golf member at Rio Verde Country Club selling their home will be able to offer the buyer a certificate issued by the club valued at $12,500 to be used exclusively toward the $12,500 initiation fee and join the Club as a golf member for $0.

A former club member may also offer a certificate valued at $10,000 toward the $12,500 initiation fee leaving only $2500 to be paid by the buyer to join the club.

In both cases, a two-year commitment to stay as a dues paying member is required for the new homeowner. This program will be reviewed monthly and can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Homes sold in Rio Verde without a certificate attached will qualify for the regular new owners’ promotion which is if the new homeowner joins the club within 30 days of closing, they would pay $7500 initiation fee to join (a $5000 savings).

Sellers also need to be mindful that this certificate only has value to a buyer who wants to join the club.  To ‘build in” the certificate value into the price of the home could create a situation where the home is not attractive to all buyers and does not reflect the market value of the home.


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