Your Verdes LIfestyle Team COVID-19 Marketing policy change

Your Verdes LIfestyle Team COVID-19 Marketing policy change

Our team is mindful that we live and work in a community with an older demographic.  Considering that fact, and to support our community in fighting the spread of the coronavirus we have put the following changes in our marketing plan:

  1. We will no longer hold open houses. To place our client’s home in a position to be exposed to casual unaccompanied guests is too great a risk at this time in addition to the possible exposure to our agents.
  2. Viewings of our properties will be by appointment only with a Real Estate Agent and we will ask each agent to be mindful of exposure of the home to any virus.  Please use our “Look but Don’t Touch” policy which is that we would ask visitors viewing our property to not touch hard surfaces or open doors, drawers or cabinets when touring the home.  Also use common sense.  Sitting or lying on furniture and using the homes bathrooms as a restroom are always poor choices.  This protects the homeowner and any subsequent guests who come through to view the house.  Even this practice may be suspended if needed.
  3. If someone in your viewing party is not feeling well, stay home.  If you are not ready to purchase yet, stay home.


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