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Real Estate and the un-vaccinated

New pressure is being brought to bear on individuals who have chosen to not take the Covid-19 vaccine offered since last winter/spring. Reasons to not take the vaccine based in distrust in the effectiveness and safety, personal health or religious reasons, or the fact that the individual had covid and has natural antibodies and immunity.
Recent government mandates to require the vaccine to participate in the workplace and attend social events have given rise to housing restrictions and lenders using the possibility that someone seeking a loan could lose their job and giving discounts to the vaccinated as an incentive.
The National Association of Realtors highlighted a property owner in South Florida who will now require vaccines to rent one of his properties if you are over eighteen or renew the lease. He manages 1200 units and wants to protect his tenants and is willing to go to court to defend his position. In another article, Neat Capital/Neat Loans is offering a $500 discount on loan fees to individuals who have been vaccinated. Their reasoning is with the new mandates, a buyer could lose their job which would impact their loan status.
Both are requiring proof of vaccines and complaints are being filed that this information is private health information and cannot be a requirement to get a loan, rent or purchase property. The property owner and lender have agreed to give an exemption to individuals who have not had the vaccine due to religious or health reasons. If that is the case, don’t these individuals present the same risk to their neighbors or workplace?
There are seven classes of people designated to be protected under the law from discrimination based on their race, color, national origin, familial status, disability, religion, or gender when they seek access to housing. It is illegal to refuse to rent, sell, lend, or have different conditions or fees for anyone in these classes.
What happens if a member of the seven classes cannot rent or pays more for a loan because they do not have or elect to not provide vaccine records? Lawyers and the Courts will be busy.

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