March market news:

Looking at the Verdes and Fountain Hills market we are seeing strong activity, especially in the Verdes with the “heat index” in the infographic above showing the Verdes at 70% plus; a hot market.  If you are thinking of selling conditions are ripe.  Right now, The Cromford Report is telling us that of 17 cities tracked in Maricopa county, 15 have improved for sellers and all are showing a +5.9% improvement. 

Median single family detached home prices in the Verdes are down for the last 12 months coming off a spike in the spring of 2018, but the last 6 months have shown a nice rebound with Tonto Verde increasing 4% and Rio Verde 7%.

More good news!  I can’t help but think of the Saturday Night Live skit with the “simmer down now” when I hear that interest rate hikes are not in the plans for the rest of the year.  Predictions at the end of 2018 of rate hikes making the market slow in 2019 appear to not be happening.  We shall see. 

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