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Hot Time, Summer in the Verdes

Happy Fourth of July!  Out here in Arizona, I guess you could say everyday is some variation of a summer day.  But the Fourth is a guaranteed hot one.  Our summer days make us dream a little bit about our youth “up North”, wherever that is for you.  Consistent 100 degree days greet us by the end of May, and do not leave until we are well into October.  By time Fourth of July hits, we also start to deal with the Monsoon season.  Humidity that was ridiculously low in the 3-7% range soars to the 40% range.  Now I know, if you are back in the east or mid-west, 40% is a dry day.  But it isn’t 108 degrees and no shade to be found along with the 40%.  It’s hot baby!

So what can you do when it is that hot?  The pool is an option, but even the water in the pool becomes swampy warm by July.  I guess we will have to golf! Continue reading

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Stage your homes outdoor space for great Arizona living

Staging your home for sale?  In the Verdes our outdoor space needs to be staged as well.  We are fortunate to have comfortable low humidity and bug free evenings, so outdoor living areas are a vital part of your property.  Buyers moving here want to see themselves not only in your house, but on your back patio as well!

You don’t have to have a knockout view or a pool to have an inviting outdoor space:

  • Have a plan to set up areas in your outdoor space to feature your landscaping or a water feature such as a fountain or spa (how relaxing is the sound of running water….).
  • Set up separate areas for outdoor dining, informal or not.  Patio furniture can accommodate any level of sophistication, depending on your taste and budget.
  • Comfortable conversation areas with an outdoor fire pit or tables to rest the beverage and appetizers for the after dinner conversations with family and friends long into the night. The winter months can get chilly, so an overhead propane space heater is a welcome addition to the patio.
  • A grilling or cooking area with bar seating nearby for your grilling coaches.
  • Use of outdoor/landscape lighting can make the space inviting as well.   The buyer on a showing during the day will probably not see this feature, but you will enjoy the area all the more when softly lit.
  • Don’t forget the basic area to enjoy the sun during the day with nice reclining lounge chairs. An umbrella is a nice touch of color, especially when your skin has a touch of color.

I know many buyers looking at properties in Arizona can be smitten with a great outdoor area.  Don’t neglect to stage this area as well!

Large Christmas ornaments decorate a Cactus in the yard
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Desert Christmas

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Christmas in the desert is a little different.  White  Christmas is a pipe dream!  More like putting out luminaries and plunking a Santa hat on a tall skinny cactus.  Santa himself was seen out for a bike ride, no wonder presents were late this year.  The media is blaming UPS and FedEx, but with this evidence of Santa goofing off on Christmas eve, we know the real story.  A sled?  How about a golf cart!  Mexican food is a great Christmas eve tradition too!