Life Styles, Places to Go

Colorado is nearby… so let’s go outside!

Let’s get down to the fun stuff!  After all this Eat-Eng, we need to burn off a few calories, and the Rio Grande offers lots of options if you like to hike, fish, golf or float the river.

Here are three hikes that start easy, and end up pretty tough: Continue reading

Life Styles, Places to Go

Need a break from Desert heat? Colorado is nearby

One can only play so much golf at 7:00 AM in the summer in the Verdes.  The heat starts in May, and will end in October.  The ideal strategy is to break up the summer heat stretch with a trip to a cooler climate in July or August.  My favorite spot is Colorado.  So I told everyone I was taking my dog on vacation, we loaded the car and headed to South Fork, Colorado.

South Fork is one of those “where the heck is that” small towns in the south central part of Colorado along the Rio Grande River.  For those who are a little Colorado savvy, I tell everyone South Fork is over Wolf Creek Pass from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, or if that doesn’t ring a bell, about two hours from Durango, Colorado.  All of these locations are a one day drive from the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  At 8000+ foot elevation, cool clear air, and crisp sleep-under-the-covers nights are awaiting the chronically overheated denizen of the desert.  And her little dog Jay-Jay.

What activities await?  I tell everyone I am going to visit my Chinese friends: Shop-Eng, Dine-Eng, Hike-Eng, and Fish-Eng.  I am also blessed to have my good friends from Rio Verde here in the summer, so I have a sweet place to stay.  If however, you need to take care of Sleep-Eng and Dine-Eng, let me make some recommendations: Continue reading