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Rio Verde Hiking season group hits the dusty trail

“No sign-up, just show up.”  This is the directive of the Rio Verde Hiking Club leader, Jim Urban.  Jim has been the leader of the Rio Verde Hiking Club, and in Jim we trust!  His knowledge of the area trails and history make him a interesting guide and fountain of knowledge.  Our first hike of the season was November 14, and about 27 Rio Verde hikers showed up in the parking lot to set out to Kentuck Mountain in the Tonto National ForestContinue reading

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Where to hike? It’s Fountain Hills!

Hiking and Biking, or if you own a four legged beast known as a horse, Fountain Hills is a great place to launch your adventure.  Panoramic views of the mountains are everywhere, and Fountain Hills makes getting on the trail to enjoy them fast and easy. Continue reading

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Which way into town? It’s Fountain Hills!

Fountain Hills to the NE of Phoenix, AZ

Map of the Phoenix area features the location of Fountain Hills

Not a lot of imagination about what to name the town 8 miles to the south of Rio Verde.  Fountain Hills, Arizona is home to the worlds fourth tallest fountain.  A city landmark that entertains visitors and locals alike with it’s water show, and the surrounding park that hosts many community events.  Bordered on the east by the Verde River, and to the west by the McDowell Mountains, the town of Fountain Hills feels like an extension of Rio Verde.

The question asked by newcomers to Rio Verde is: “where do you go to get groceries?”  The answer: “Fountain Hills!”  There is a diverse shopping experience in Fountain Hills that exceeds just groceries. Continue reading

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Riding new trail in McDowell Mt. park

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Sunday afternoon best biking buddy Jody and I hit the trail. Leaving Rio Verde, we entered the McDowell Mountain park through the Verde gate, and took the Verde trail up to the dirt road and cut over to the Lousley Hill camping area. There we could pick up the new Escondito trail about a mile east of the Pemberton Trail. Continue reading