• How did Rio Verde get started?  The Verde River Valley where Rio Verde now lies was settled in the 1880’s by small farmers who grew hay and alfalfa to feed the horses at the Fort McDowell Army post.  Eventually the small farms combined to become the Box Bar Ranch.  This ranch still exists to this day.  In 1970, the adjacent land was sold to Rio Verde Development, Inc. and building began in 1973.  When Rio Verde became built out, additional property was developed just north of Rio Verde.  In 1992 construction began on Tonto Verde.
  • Rio Verde is an adult 55+ community.  What does that mean?  An adult 55+ community is where at least 80% of the households must have one member who is  55 years old or older to be in residence.  Also, no one under 19 years of age may be a permanent resident.  Because Rio and Tonto Verde are 55+ communities, the residents pay no city school taxes, just county taxes on their properties.
  • What are the property taxes?  Property taxes are based on valuations determined by the County assessor.  The basis for the tax is one-tenth of one percent of the assessed value.  Rio Verde has no city taxes with the exception of the fire district.
  • What about utilities?  Both the water and sewer are provided by the Rio Verde Utilities on site in Rio Verde.  The water is from deep wells on the ranch property, and the sewage treatment is also controlled by Rio Verde Utilities.  Electricity is provided by Salt River Project.  Natural gas is not available in the Verdes, and any gas appliances are fueled by propane.  Rio Verde owners also have basic cable feed provided by Cox Communications paid for in their HOA dues.
  • Is there an HOA?  Yes, both communities have Home Owners Associations.  All homes built must follow guidelines, and there are dues assessed each year to pay for the community upkeep.
  • What are the HOA dues for Rio Verde?  Annual dues to the Rio Verde Association for 2017 are $3502, payable in advance in two payments on January first and July first.  This includes Community facilities such as the swimming pool, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, fitness center, library, card and art rooms, exercise classes, garbage and recycling pick- up, street maintenance, basic cable, common area maintenance and a social membership to Rio Verde Country Club.  If you live in a townhouse you may have an additional fee for landscaping and exterior painting of your unit if your townhouse is in a townhouse HOA.   These dues range from $1488-$2040 per year.
  • What about the HOA for Tonto Verde?  Dues to the Tonto Verde Association are $3900 per year, and townhouse HOA fees range from an additional $1300-$1800 per year for their additional maintenance.  The heated pool, fitness center, garbage and recycling pick-up, street and gate maintenance, common areas, social membership to Tonto Verde, and an 18 hole natural grass putting course are paid for out of the HOA fees.
  • Are the HOAs in good financial condition?  Both are debt-free, have strong reserves and are in compliance with reserves required by the state.
  • What other services are in the Verdes?  The Verdes have a fire station, US Post Office, and Community Church on the property.  The fire station has EMS service on site, with an average response time of 3 minutes 43 seconds.  Mayo Clinic and Scottsdale Healthcare at Shea are 25 minutes away.  The town of Fountain Hills is 8 miles to the south of Rio Verde, and offers restaurants, shopping, medical facilities and the world famous Fountain and park.
  • How many people live in The Verdes?  Rio Verde has 980 households on 735 acres.  Tonto Verde has 629 homes on 695 acres.  As of the 2010 census 1811 people live here in the Verdes.  Many of our residents are seasonal.
  • What type of guidelines are there for building on a lot in the Verdes?  Construction on a lot in either community will require the approval of the architectural committee before you can build.  The minimum size home is 1800 square feet, and the maximum would depend on the size and shape of your lot since there are setbacks.  All homes are single story, and any changes to landscaping or fencing would also require you to adhere to the guidelines.
  • Are there any restrictions on having pets?  The acceptable number of dogs per household is two.  Any structure to house pets must not be visible from the street, and commercial breeding or boarding pets is not allowed.  Excessive dog barking is not allowed, and dogs must walk on a leash.  The community of Rio Verde has a cart path walking program on the golf course cart paths prior to the first tee time in the morning, and owners MUST pick up pet waste and dispose of it back at the owner’s home, not in community trash cans.  Tonto Verde does not allow pets or residents to walk on the golf course at any time.
  • Do you have to join the Country Club?  No, joining the club is not required. As a community resident, your HOA dues include a social membership to the club with limited golf on a fee basis.  Both clubs have resident and non-resident memberships available, and you can join either club or both!  Visit my Golf in the Verdes page for more information about both clubs.

3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Murray Vettraino

    Where can I find the information on the type of fencing I may put up on a Tonto Verde home that I’m interested in buying?? Want to put a wrought Iron fence around the back yard.
    Thanks in advance for answering or pointing me in the right direction.

    • Check with the Tonto Verde HOA, they have architectural guidelines for additions to your property, and height restrictions. Your Realtor can help you with that, and if you don’t have a Realtor, I am a Realtor and can help you if you need representation in the purchase of a home.

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