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Tonto Verde features two distinctly different Golf Courses, both designed by Gary Panks and David Graham.  Both are true desert courses, and showcase the natural desert beauty of Tonto Verde.  Both courses are immaculately maintained and are known for having some of the finest greens in the valley.  An enjoyable golf experience with mountain views all around at Tonto Verde.


The club practice facilities include a two-ended driving range, chipping and putting greens, plus an 18 hole par 41 natural grass putting course.  The 26,000 square foot clubhouse received the 2010 Golf Inc. award for the best clubhouse renovation in the country.  The Santa Fe style clubhouse features the golf pro-shop, fitness facility, casual dining, formal dining and two ballrooms for special events. Tonto Verde also allows members to use their own golf carts with no additional trail fees.

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The Peaks Golf Course:

The Peaks Course was the first of the two courses at Tonto Verde, opening in 1993.  The Peaks course measures 6,744 yards and is the shorter of the two Tonto Verde courses.  It is also a tighter target course, and demands accuracy off the tee.

Peaks scorecard

The Ranch Course:

The newest of the Tonto Verde courses is the Ranch Course.  Opening in 2002, the course gets it’s name from it’s proximity to the old Box Bar Ranch property at Rio Verde.  The Ranch is a longer course than the Peaks, measuring 6,988 yards.  The course features wider landing areas, large undulating greens, and deeper bunkers.  It has hosted a number of professional and amateur events.

The Ranch Scorecard

Golf hole with pink mountains and giant Saguaro

Don’t let the sun set on your chance to live here

Tonto Verde Golf Membership Plans

Memberships to fit every lifestyle!

Regular Membership:

  • Joining fee-$10,000 (non-refundable)
  • Monthly dues of $860*
  • Unlimited golf with full Golf Club privileges
  • Membership is for 2 people (same household)
  • Non-trasferable
Non Resident Membership:
  • Joining fee-$10,000 (non-refundable)
  • Monthly dues of $860*
  • Unlimited golf and Golf Club privileges including golf cart, locker space and club storage.
  • This membership is for 2 people (same household)
  • This membership is not available to renters, current residents, or property owners of Tonto Verde or Rio Verde
  • Non-transferable

Foundation Membership:
  • Designed for those under the age of 62.  Available as a single or dual membership option.
  • Joining fee of $8,000 for a dual membership, $6,500 for a single membership (non-refundable)
  • Monthly dues of $713* dual, $603* for a single membership.
  • Unlimited golf with Golf Club privileges.
  • Must be converted to a Regular membership once the oldest member turns 62.
  • Non-transferable

Flex Membership:  

  • This membership is only offered to residents of Tonto Verde and Rio Verde
  •  Joining fee-$10,000 (non-refundable)
  • No monthly dues, but capital contribution of $125 per month required.
  • Full Golf Club privileges and unlimited number of rounds or weeks can be purchased. Minimum purchase of $2,495 of weeks or rounds required annually.  Weekly prices range from $210 to $660 depending on the season.  Up to two 10-pack Flex Rounds may be purchased for $700 per 10-pack.
  • Must be converted to full dues paying membership status on the 62nd birthday of the oldest member.
 Temporary Plan or One Time Renters’ Plan:
  • This membership offers unlimited golf for 2 designated players who have not previously been members.
  • No joining fee
  • Monthly dues are $1725
  • Temporary membership for 1 to 8 months
  • Tonto Verde Association amenities (Fitness Center, Pool, Clubhouse)
  • May be purchased one time only.
  • May be converted to a Regular Membership; conversion credit may be available.
* The dues listed above are based on the 2017-2018 annual dues, and are subject to change at the start of each fiscal year, beginning July 1st.
*All Memberships (Flex, Foundation, Regular and Non-Resident) reflect the monthly golf dues and $125 capital contribution.
For complete details, log on to the Tonto Verde website.
For more information contact the membership director Aubrie Gaugert at 480-689-9697
Or email to



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