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Our Verdes Lifestyle Team has it's own team: From lenders to get you qualified, to inspectors to protect your investment to escrow agents that will work for you to get to a smooth closing.

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Both buyer and seller seek the same outcome: fair market value. We take the time to find market value for your new property, and negotiate with the end in mind.

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We are the "project manager" on your home purchase. Timelines to meet with lenders, title, inspections, appraisals, final walk-through and closing will be managed to keep us on track.

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Moving to a new neighborhood will bring lots of questions! We never stop working for you and will always be available to make the transition easier for you.

The buyers agent is typically compensated a commission paid for by the Seller at closing. There could exist circumstances where the buyer could be involved in some or all of the buyers agents compensation.

An agency agreement is a contract between the Buyer and the Real Estate Agent. This establishes the buyers agreement to be represented to a seller by a brokerage/agent.  Commitments to the buyer by the agent, and agent to the buyer are established.

Dual agency refers to the practice of a single agent or another agent from the same brokerage representing both the buyer and the seller.  In this case, the agent owes the same fiduciary responsibilities to both parties in the transaction.  An example would be you wish to offer on a property that is listed with your agent/brokerage.  When an experienced, competent agent undertakes the representation of both parties, the agent no longer acts as an “advocate” for one party or the other.  Rather, the agent becomes more of a “mediator”.  Confidential information is always respected, but any information that impacts the value of the home must be disclosed. Both the buyer and seller must be notified in advance if dual agency exists and consent to that representation.

If you find a property online or see a sign in a yard your agent will contact the seller’s agent to arrange a showing.  It is never appropriate to contact the seller of a listed property directly as it removes your agent from representation with the sale of that home.

Yes, however when meeting the agent hosting the open house it is best if you let the agent know you are represented by another agent.  In the case of new construction, you could lose the opportunity to have your agent’s representation.  We are always available to accompany you into open houses, and strongly encourage you to have us accompany you to new construction sites.

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