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Staging a dining room to sell

Staging a home for sale is more than cleaning and removing clutter.  It becomes an art form that highlights the focal points of each room and brings attention and the eye to what makes a home special.  It is not decorating!

The National Association of Realtors Magazine published a slideshow illustrating the different techniques to stage a formal dining room.  We all know that dining rooms are not a preferred room to showcase and sell a home like a kitchen or updated bathrooms.  Still these dining rooms show us that using such simple updates as a new chandelier, or removing furniture that blocks our view, placing groupings of three with accessories, balancing soft and hard surfaces and use of bold color in subtle ways can make a room pop. 

One of the slides shows a dining room with a bay window and fireplace that needed to be highlighted.  The stager added a bench by the window and a more eye grabbing art piece over the fireplace to highlight those features.  It is also good to note that the angle of the photo was also changed.  The new angle not only opened the view to the fireplace and gave the window a more prominent place in the photo, now the long chandelier over the table could become another focal point.  We use a photographer that not only takes great shots but knows how to present a room.  A professional photographer that not only does a great job with lighting and definition but understands getting the right angle on the shot puts them above the rest.

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