10 Reasons that make sense to sell your house

Are Boomers hoarding homes?  Interest rates were low when you bought, so why move to pay more?  Good questions, but there are ten good reasons to sell:

1.      Relocation.  New job or new circumstances in your life.

2.      Upsize or downsize. Whether your family is growing or shrinking, changes happen.

3.      Financial pressure.  Personal financial difficulties.

4.      Change in relationship status such as divorce, marriage, a death in the family.

5.      Health issues

6.      Different neighborhood: better schools, amenities, or safer environment.

7.      Appreciation. Strong increases in market value over the last 2 years.  Time to cash in the equity.

8.      Retirement.  Downsize or buy that dream home.

9.      Upgrade/remodel vs. New.  Opting for new.

10.   Lifestyle changes: an urge for a fresh start.

Robin Walton

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